Sniper Fury Assassin 3D Shoot

Sniper Fury Assassin 3D Shoot

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Keep that in mind that your enemies might have dangerous weapons like:

🔫 Rifles.
🔫 Machineguns.
🔫 Flame thrower.
🔫 Mortars.
🔫 Artillery.
🔫 Poison gas.
🔫 Tanks.
🔫 Aircraft.
🔫 Pistol.
🔫 Armor.

🔫 Ultimate HD graphics.
🔫 Realistic 3D graphics.
🔫 Realistic war Sound effects (SFX).
🔫 Amazing warfare and combat visual effects (VFX).
🔫 Z army designed inspired from American, Russian and British army.
🔫 Highly specialized weaponry and firearms like (M249, MP5, MAC10, AUG, SG552, P90 M4A1, AK47, M3 and Desert Eagle).
🔫 Specially designed sniper scope, magazine and HUD.
🔫 Conquer the streets from Mobs.
🔫 Military Settlements like tanks, aircrafts, fighter jets, gunships and other military armory items.
🔫 Focus Aim, shot and reload in a flash.
🔫 Bullet Action Cameras.
🔫 Specially designed bullet animations.
🔫 Variety of riffles like assault rifle, shotguns and pistols.
🔫 Smooth controller.
🔫 Advanced controls with zoom in-zoom out and various other advanced concept.
🔫 Thrilling missions with challenging targets.
🔫 Real Gunshots.
🔫 Advanced maps all around the world.
🔫 Brutal clash with airborne paratrooper like warfare games.
🔫 No internet required (No Wi-Fi No problem).

Gives you the world best sniper shooting experience in a war zone by smooth controls and realistic environment. Be the best army shooter of your swat military. Shot in conventional way or blow up the whole base with explosives. Play as an ultimate ranger sniper commando and fight enemy terrorists in an abandoned city. Eliminate all the contract killers and hired criminals at street level assassins. Fights on streets, stop the gangster’s brawls; take out the highly dangerous criminals, traitors, and crime and drug dealing moderators. Assault rifles are for more kills in less time, get a variety of guns including short guns, pistols and rocket launchers and mainly the snipers. Lead the SWAT Modern Combat.
As a Sniper First Class Contract Killer of the Elite Marine Corps unit eliminate enemies.

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